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Important Notice about Certificate Pinning on the Teamwire Public Cloud

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Dear valued partners and customers,

We inform you that, in a few weeks, all Teamwire clients running in our Public Cloud will validate the SSL server certificate by performing a certificate pinning operation before any communication. With this action, we want to make Teamwire's communication channels even more resilient. This will apply to all iOS, Android and desktop client releases from late January 2019 onwards.

Action Required

If you are using the Teamwire Public Cloud and having a proxy server that intercepts SSL/TLS/HTTPS connections, your Teamwire users will no longer be able to connect to the Public Cloud without the relevant configuration in the future.

TO DO: Please configure an exception for the Teamwire Public Cloud backend ( by 25th January 2019.
All Teamwire clients released after that date will include a certificate pinning performance.

If you are running Teamwire in an on-premise server you don't have to take any action.

Save the date!

25th January 2019: Add proxy exception for connections to

Kind Regards,

Your Teamwire Customer Support

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