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Certificate renewal for Teamwire Public Cloud requires client update

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Dear valued partners and customers

We have a very important announcement for you.

All users connecting to our Public Cloud, must update their Teamwire applications with the newly released clients before 1st August 2019. The date for release of the new clients is not known yet, but we aim to deliver an announcement for the release date(s) within the next few days. This update concerns both the mobile client apps for iOS and Android, and the desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Since January 2019, all Teamwire clients connecting to the Public Cloud validate the SSL server certificate by the certificate pinning operation before any communication. With this action we made the communication channels even more secure.
On the 1st August 2019 we will have to renew this SSL certificate which includes changes that the pinning operation will not be able to validate without the client's updates.


If you are using Teamwire on the Teamwire Public Cloud (, please update your client(s) with the newly released version. They will include the pinning functionality for both the old and new SSL certificates, therefore should be deployed to all users as soon as they are available.

These releases will not contain any new features or bugfixes but only the new certificate information. We will continue with our regular client updates soon.

In case you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact

Best regards,

Technical Customer Support

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